2017 Three New Press Designs

For the past several months I have been working on three new etching press plan sets. The new plans come with a few new features that will make your press construct much easier. Notably they are attached CNC cut files for cutting the press frame, a much lighter weight frame design & full size templates used mainly for hand cutting the parts if you choose not to use the CNC method.

The CNC cut files use a technology widely utilized by a large number of machine shops to accurately cut parts from steel plate. This will make accurately cutting the frame parts a snap and greatly reduce the chance of error. The attached files are in PDF format and may be saved to a separate file then put on a flash drive or attached to an email then sent to the machine shop for a quote or cutting. All instructions for the shop are provided in the file.

The press frame has been greatly reduced in weight (by about half) The frame is still very strong but you will save a bit on material cost and the press will be easier to move about if necessary.

I have also included full size printable templates of the frame parts. There is a one page set that can be printed on a large format ink jet printer if you have access to one & there is also a letter size version that uses tiled pages that can be taped together after printing to make the full size templates. This is handy if you have a lazier or ink jet printer that only prints letter or legal size.

The plans have been organized into sections that are in a logical order to follow for your project. Complete each section and before you know it you will be pulling prints on your new press! As with the previous plan sets there are parts lists with Internet links and tips for searching the Internet in your part of the world. Most of the parts and materials are available locally all over the world but if you have difficulty finding some thing you can use the Internet to order it.