Project Info

A few notes from Chris:
Roller length is 30", the bed is 34"x34" and total length is just over 60". I doubt my wife will ever pull a print that large but who knows? Feel free to use the photos. As far as hints, I made the project tougher than it needed to be. My wife was very skeptical of the project so I over engineered some of the materials. Thicker steel plates etc. It was overkill. The size of the rollers and plates make it heavy and awkward to put together. I should have followed your plans to keep the weight down. I work for a newspaper and have access to a machine shop. So I really was able to keep the cost low by machining the plates and rollers myself from scrap that I purchased at a yard. Total cost was about $800 and most of that was for gears and take up bearings. The table is made from fur 2x10's and fur 4x4 posts. I turned the posts on a lathe and mortised the 2x10 sides into the posts. My wife insists that it is better than the Takach she used to borrow at a friends studio. The plans were great! Thanks for saving me about $5,000.