Project Info

Just a note to let you know that my press is on the production line.

Though very much inspired by your plans, which gave me the confidence to start,
I have re-designed much whilst drawing on your information.

Attached is a photo of the main frames on test assembly.

I have some drawings in dxf format, including those for laser cutting the
frames, which I can send to you when the press is proofed. You might want to add
them to your library of information.

I also have a list of UK suppliers for all the 'interesting' bits - took me
three months to source all the parts here!

I'm a student of the third age studying Art at UCB (University of Huddersfield).
Printmaking has now completely taken over my life. It's very addictive. My tutor
says that my embryo press is akin to a Sherman Tank, but added that, while the
college presses are 'Fords' mine will be a Rolls Royce. (Hope that doesn't get
lost in translation!)

I'll keep you posted on progress. I expect to take three months over
construction fitting it around my assignments.

David has gratiously contributed his research you can a very good resource for UK printmakers building a press download the file here