Georgina Grenier Press

Project Info

At long last the press we were building is finished. I had promised to send you a picture a while ago when I found there were problems using a cushion blanket: we simply could not make prints when using one. The solution was to use a thin pure wool sizing catcher and a pusher only. A wool and rayon sizing catcher did not work because it was too stretchy and seemed to slip around.
The flywheel we had was not big enough to give sufficient torque when moving the press bed, so the handle was extended, and it became much easier to turn.
We used a remnant of Paperstone counter top for the press bed, the flywheel was found 20 years ago in the woods it has been waiting for a good use! The chain and gears are boxed in for safety when young kids visit. It works like a charm now, and we are so grateful that the plans could be obtained.
Georgina Grenier