Project Info

I am an art teacher who had the pipe dream of one day being able to take on this project. Printmaking is my media of choice, but it's pretty difficult to really commit to without access to a printing press. This last year I was hired at a new school that had vocational programs in house, including a welding and a precision machining programs. I saw an opportunity and when I approached the program instructors they were very intrigued by the project. I set about getting materials donated and much to my delight found local companies more than willing to help out with the raw materials. Besides some of the sprockets, chain and threaded rod, (as well as some of the "extra" stuff for aesthetic purposes) everything has been donated towards this project. I was even able to secure a genuine wagon wheel for the crank, a custom paint job, an old decorative buckboard wagon I used in the press table and a slab of butcher block to assemble the press bed out of. I am so thrilled about the end result and am looking forward to using the newly minted, "Big Horn Press" for many years to come. Best of all, not only do I know have a serious printing press at my fingertips, but I will be able to expose my students to a whole new and unique media that is not typically found in a high school environment.

Thanks for the plans! Wouldn't have even known where to start without them!


Jonny King