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I just had a meeting at the German Lao Technical School where they are building the press for Luang Prabang. We printed the first prints on it, they turned out very well and every one was happy with the results and the press. A few little things have to be done, but I think by the 15th December it will be finished.
As it is the first press ever build in Laos, ( as you can see they build it like a Russian tank) there will have to be little changes on the second one next year. For example, a bigger wheel and a different guide for the bed. We will have a little baptizing drink in December with some VIPs after that, I will accompany the press to Luang Prabang to help install it at the Art School there.
As I have mentioned this is a Franco / German Aid Project Financed by the two embassies here in Vientiane. Next year it will be French financing the second half of the project and we will soon see every Art School in Laos equipped with an etching press of your design, thanks once again in the name of all off us.
I will keep you updated.
All the best
The first of the three presses has arrived in Luang Prabang after an arduous eleven hour journey in a little van from Vientiane.

Coincidently it was 23rd and 24th of December and I felt like Father Christmas, and as you can see from the photos, a lot of happy faces. The French artist Christoph Meyer, currently in residence at the art school, started printing strait away after the opening ceremony. The ceremony it self was a big affaire, with representatives from the Provincial Government and Politburo. Naturally afterwards every thing was well baptised with Bier Lao.

I think this project has demonstrated, that with a little determination, good will, and some money a lot can be done for the arts and others.
I will send you further press clips when I have copied them.
All the best, and a happy Boxing Day.

Added December 18, 2006
Hello Doug.
So now we have finished the second Press and the 3rd is nearly completed.
I’m sending you a few photos from the handing over and inauguration ceremony at the Lao-German Technical School in Vientiane on the 5.12.2006. It was the official handing over of the 2nd press to the Art School in Savanaketh, a big thing with French and German Ambassadors present together with the Lao Vice Minister for Culture and Information and several other dignitaries.