Project Info

Here she is. My new wood side rail etching press. 24" x 48" press bed. Top roller is 7" diam. and drive roller is 5.5" diam. Both rollers are made from 1/2 inch wall deep hole oil well pipe. Bed plate is a 5/8 inch phenolic plate. Copper spacer pipes, and copper painted pressure plates.
I made very few modifications to the original plans. They were quite complete and easy to follow. For example: I installed two additional 5/8 inch spacer rods to the base of the side plates for additional stability and adjustment. The 28 inch hand crank wheel is from an antique threshing machine. It is a robust machine with heavy duty components.
A beautiful machine indeed. The plans were worth it in more ways than just a bunch of specs and links. It led me on an adventure in the world of design and machine shop works, and a fresh look at my favorite art of printmaking.
Thanks Doug,