Project Info

Well, after 2 years in planning and another sporadic 2 years in making, here is the baby and works like a charm.
Initially I went to several places with the plans and they all quoted me around $5000. I then found a carpenter friend who had done a lot of special work for me whose son as it happens is a tool machinist.
Reducing the rollers to 4" meant a bit of recalculation on the plates. Also the 1/4"plate guides could be less and would make it easier to cut or tool.
The gears, I got as you suggested, from the States but only when I was spending time in Maine as they do not ship cross border (then very quick like 3 days UPS).
The crank we tried to find an old fashion decorated cast iron wheel but in the end is made of a pulley with tubing around and hand tooled oak (as the frame and legs) handle.
All in all a very fine classic looking machine( my friends are very impressed) and I am now experimenting.
I called the press "Saskia Press" after Rembrandt wife (in French "presse" if feminine and visiting Rembrandt house in Amsterdam 15 years ago started me thinking about etching).
Notice the plaque bears your name.

I have yet to receive the final tab from my friends think all in all it will have cost me about $2250.
Thanks for the inspiration.