Ric Motschall Press

Project Info

Well, the project has been successfully completed. Considering the amount of time and research in getting all components together, and detailed drawings to suit locally available components I decided to construct two presses, as another family member needed one also.
The general roller specification is 600 mm long at 165 mm dia. each, of thick walled cast steel. Side plates are 12 mm oxy profile cut steel.The restangular press frame is structural grade laminated plywood with aluminium internal angle brackets and threaded rods to form a relatively rigid and light stucture. the press is mounted on a separate wheeled box unit, also of structural grade plywood and solid timbers.
The press top tie rods and tubes are spaced wider than the roller diameter, to permit removal of top roller if required. The outer 6mm thick chain cover plate is mounted on a series of stud bolts firmly tightened to side plates using hex "rod joiner' threaded units and nuts as spacer pieces.

We now look forward to many printings with these robust units.

Sydney, Australia.