Project Info

Here are some pictures of my new press built by some local students from plans. My wife got me your plans for my birthday last year and though the total price of the press was reasonable it was still slightly out of reach at a thousand dollars and it was difficult to find a shop willing to do custom work. On a long shot I contacted the local high school technical center and explained my situation. As it turns out they were looking for a project and had much of the stock on hand from a military discard, which saved me quite a bit. I spent just over $300 in materials and $150 in labor -Total cost $450 - I'm excited to say the least.

The press is much like the one in your plans though a little longer with 5' rollers instead of 6' . It look like a tank and felt like one too as four of of us carried it up three flights of stairs to my studio.

Thank you for your quick responses to my queries and making your plans available.