Stuart Corbett and Sandi Hook Press

Project Info

Well I finally finished the etching press in time for Xmas and have attached some photos.
The sides are 12mm laser cut MS350 steel and the pressure plates were milled from the same material.
The rollers are 920mm wide 4140 cold drawn hollow section tube 150mm OD and 120mm ID with three 20mm spacers in each and a 30mm hardened 4140 axle. I machined the rollers concentric and nickel plated them to prevent corrosion. As there are no electroplaters where I live so I used electroless nickel plating via a bath tub on top of a 4 burner barbeque (quite a process) and they have come out very well.
The press bed is Canvas Bakelite 1600mm x 900mm. I have used full width support rollers for the bed with eccentric adjusters either side. That way the bed is fully supported over its width in at least 3 places at all times. I have also fabricated spring loaded nylon guides running in aluminium channel either side of the bed that keep the bed tracking centrally inside the frame, prevents tilt and also acts as the end stop.
The gearbox has a 16 to 1 ratio and the wheel is made from cross laminated hardwood routed to shape.
Sandi has pulled her first prints off the press in preparation for her final exhibition for her Doctorate in fine art and it has performed very well.
It now takes pride of place in our studio alongside our 1979 Enjay 1850mm x 980mm stone lithography press.
Thank you for making your plans available. They were my inspiration for the press and were invaluable in creating the final design.