Project Info

Here are some pictures of the press I recently completed. In the last photos the press is pictured with an inking cart. The granite top should clean up easily and be very handy to store supplies in. We had saved it from an earlier remodel, its reuse here is perfect! The bed is 30 X 65 of cast aluminum, should be very flat. The rest of the press is made of 6061 aluminum jig material. The cart holding the press I was able to fabricate out of steel I had left over from a previous project, the top is a used solid core door, I picked up at a construction recycling center.

There were a few points in the plans that I felt could have used clarification. I would be happy to detail some of the issues that arose while I was building the press so that you could further improve your plan set If you have any interest. I appreciate you making the plan set available, as you can see by the pictures I forwarded, the press turned out quite well.

I have photos of the whole process up on my facebook page, if you would like to see all the photos (most people find it boring), send me a friend request.

My wife is thrilled by her new press and can’t wait to start pulling prints.